Here at Hart’s Finishing we deliver the highest possible finish for your budget.

Our Modern approach to decorating is getting well noticed and recognised throughout the industry and we have a close relationship with leading paint manufacturers/distributors and spray machine distributors a like, enabling us to be the first to know and test any new products and machines that come to market. We believe decorating as a trade is often over looked but we all know that achieving a flawless and stunning finish is vital to completion of any project commercial or domestic.

Spray Finishes

We spray everything when possible but when spraying is not possible or most efficient option we use traditional techniques and methods.

We currently have machines that no one else has, due to our company founder having worked abroad. This makes you sound very professional but may put off smaller jobs so you could add something about helpful friendly always available with advice etc etc you can always turn jobs down if they are too small

Spray Plaster

Hart’s Finishing initially began spray plastering as we were often disappointed with the poor standard of finish left by conventional plastering, regularly finding our super high quality spray finishes were let down by a poorly plastered wall.

Spray plastering enables us to take on the job at an earlier stage and ensure high-quality workmanship throughout, eliminating disputes about “whose job is whose”. We take ownership of our projects and always deliver a flawless finish.

The best possible finish to achieve on Gyproc walls is called a level 5 finish, this is only achievable using spray plaster.

Spray plaster is also:

  • High impact resistant, less prone to cracks and chips
  • Easily applied quickly and virtually mess free
  • Quick-drying, usually between 24 and 48 hours
  • Easily applied to walls and ceilings up to 3 meters high without the need for scaffolding
  • Easy to sand if required